Family holiday from USA to Lapland

DMC Rovaniemi

Family trip to Lapland from USA

Winter 2024

We recently had the pleasure of arranging a memorable journey for a family of five traveling from the USA to Lapland. They explored the enchanting regions of Rovaniemi and Saariselkä/Kittilä, experiencing a series of unforgettable activities.

Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, provided a meticulously planned itinerary that included a thrilling Husky safari, a magical visit to Santa Claus Village, an awe-inspiring Ice Breaker tour, and an exciting Reindeer safari. The trip spanned seven nights, offering the family a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland.

Group from Kuwait visiting Rovaniemi & Saariselkä

DMC Rovaniemi

Group from Kuwait visiting Rovaniemi & Saariselkä

Winter 2023

We recently hosted a group of 32 visitors from Kuwait in Rovaniemi and Saariselkä. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, provided an array of winter activities to ensure a memorable experience.

The group enjoyed thrilling adventures such as a husky safari, ice floating, an Ice Breaker cruise, a reindeer safari, and a snowmobile safari. These activities allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the unique Lapland winter.

In Rovaniemi, the group also visited the enchanting Santa Claus Village, adding a magical touch to their trip. DMC Rovaniemi meticulously arranged every detail, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for the group from Kuwait.

Ladies trip from Dubai to Lapland

DMC Rovaniemi

Ladies only trip from Dubai to Rovaniemi

Winter 2024

Our partner from Dubai specializes in bringing ladies-only groups to Lapland, and DMC Rovaniemi is proud to organize all services according to their itinerary.

We arrange seamless transfers and provide accommodation in centrally located hotels to ensure comfort and convenience. The group enjoys a variety of activities, including husky safaris, snowmobile adventures, and visits to Santa Claus. Dining at the Ice Restaurant and experiencing the unique Floating activity are also highlights of their stay. Of course, Northern Lights hunting is a must, offering unforgettable moments in the magical Lapland skies.

DMC Rovaniemi ensures every detail is meticulously planned, providing an exceptional and memorable experience for these exclusive ladies-only groups.

Group tour from Italy to Finland and Sweden

DMC Rovaniemi

Group tour in Finnish Lapland + Sweden (Haparanda)

Winter 2023

We recently organized a group tour for 25 guests from Italy, arriving at Rovaniemi airport. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, arranged their visit to the enchanting Santa Claus Village immediately after their arrival, where they enjoyed a delightful lunch at Santa Village.

After this magical start, we transferred the group for a 2-night stay in Haparanda, Sweden, where they were accommodated in a lovely hotel featuring a beautiful spa and the world’s biggest sauna. In Sweden, the group experienced thrilling activities including a snowmobile tour, a husky safari, and an Ice Breaker cruise, all on the Swedish side.

DMC Rovaniemi ensured every aspect of the tour was meticulously planned and executed, providing an unforgettable and seamless experience for the group.

Private family visiting Lapland

DMC Rovaniemi

Private family visiting Lapland (Rovaniemi)

Spring 2024

A private large family recently visited Rovaniemi, enjoying an exclusive and personalized experience. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, provided comprehensive private services, ensuring a luxurious and memorable stay.

Accommodation was arranged for the family, offering comfort and convenience throughout their visit. We organized a charter private bus for their transportation needs, ensuring seamless travel. The family had a private meeting with Santa Claus, creating magical memories for all. They also experienced private husky and reindeer safaris, immersing themselves in the unique local culture.

A visit to the Ice Restaurant was arranged, where they enjoyed a unique dining experience. The trip culminated in a private party at restaurant Santamus, providing a perfect ending to their unforgettable visit. DMC Rovaniemi meticulously handled every detail, ensuring an exceptional and personalized experience for the family.

MICE group from Turkey visiting Rovaniemi and Kittilä

DMC Rovaniemi

MICE group in Rovaniemi + Levi

Winter 2024

A MICE group recently visited Rovaniemi and Levi for an exceptional adventure. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, provided everything from accommodation to guiding and meals, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

The group stayed 2 nights in a Rovaniemi hotel and 2 nights in a traditional igloo in Levi, offering a perfect blend of comfort and unique lodging. They enjoyed thrilling activities such as snowmobiling, a husky safari, and a reindeer safari, immersing themselves in the local culture and natural beauty.

The group dined at an Ice Restaurant, experienced the excitement of ice fishing, and concluded their trip with a memorable farewell dinner. Every aspect of their visit was meticulously arranged by DMC Rovaniemi, providing an unforgettable experience in the heart of Finland’s stunning landscapes.

Couple from South Africa visiting Finland and Norway

DMC Rovaniemi

Couple from South Africa visiting Finland and Norway

Winter 2023

A couple from South Africa recently enjoyed an unforgettable journey through Finland and Norway, visiting Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kilpisjärvi, and Tromsø. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, meticulously arranged transportation for the entire itinerary, ensuring seamless travel between each destination.

We provided accommodation in each location, offering comfort and convenience throughout their stay. All meals were thoughtfully arranged, allowing the couple to savor a variety of local and international cuisines. Additionally, we organized exciting safaris and other activities, ensuring they experienced the best of what each location had to offer. This comprehensive service by DMC Rovaniemi ensured a memorable and enjoyable trip for the couple.

Family vacation in Finland

Private family visiting Helsinki

Autumn 2023

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a private family visiting Helsinki for a few days. Our travel agency arranged a luxurious hotel, providing the family with top-tier comfort and convenience. Dinner reservations were expertly handled, ensuring they experienced the finest local cuisine.

Our professional guide and concierge, Anna, took exceptional care of the family throughout their stay, personally escorting them to Helsinki’s most famous sights and enhancing their visit with her extensive knowledge and warm hospitality. This personalized and comprehensive service ensured an unforgettable experience for the family in Helsinki.

Business group visiting Bio Fuel factories in Finland

Factory visiting project in Finland

Autumn 2023

We hosted a business group from Italy for an extensive visit to various cities in Finland, including Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, and Oulu. Our travel agency meticulously arranged all aspects of their trip, ensuring seamless transportation between the cities.

The group visited different bioenergy factories across Finland, gaining valuable insights into the country’s cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. We took care of all daily lunches and dinners, providing a variety of culinary experiences to complement their professional itinerary. Accommodation was arranged in each city, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout their stay.

We also arranged bus transfers, making it easy for the group to travel between cities and to their various appointments. Expert guides were provided throughout the journey, enriching the group’s understanding of each city’s unique contributions to Finland’s bioenergy sector. This comprehensive and well-organized tour, arranged entirely by our agency, ensured a productive and enjoyable experience for our Italian guests.

Small group from South Korea visiting Helsinki

Group from South Korea in Helsinki

Summer 2023

In the summer of 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of 20 visitors from South Korea for a delightful three-day stay in Helsinki. Our travel agency ensured seamless transfers throughout their visit, providing comfort and convenience from start to finish.

Accommodation was arranged in a centrally located hotel, offering easy access to Helsinki’s main attractions and vibrant city life. The group enjoyed dining at three different local restaurants, each offering a unique taste of Finnish cuisine and hospitality.

A highlight of their visit was a guided city tour of Helsinki, where our expert guides showcased the city’s rich history, culture, and stunning architecture. This comprehensive itinerary provided by our agency ensured an enjoyable and memorable experience for all participants.