DMC Rovaniemi

Private family visiting Lapland (Rovaniemi)

Spring 2024

A private large family recently visited Rovaniemi, enjoying an exclusive and personalized experience. Our travel agency, DMC Rovaniemi, provided comprehensive private services, ensuring a luxurious and memorable stay.

Accommodation was arranged for the family, offering comfort and convenience throughout their visit. We organized a charter private bus for their transportation needs, ensuring seamless travel. The family had a private meeting with Santa Claus, creating magical memories for all. They also experienced private husky and reindeer safaris, immersing themselves in the unique local culture.

A visit to the Ice Restaurant was arranged, where they enjoyed a unique dining experience. The trip culminated in a private party at restaurant Santamus, providing a perfect ending to their unforgettable visit. DMC Rovaniemi meticulously handled every detail, ensuring an exceptional and personalized experience for the family.